Salt Union Ltd. A Compass Minerals Company
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About Us

Salt Union are operators of the UK's biggest rock salt mine and Britain's largest supplier of natural rock salt which is used by winter maintenance professionals to thaw icy roads in wintry weather. 

Dry Store _logo _artwork _altRock salt from Salt Union plays a major role in protecting life and keeping Britain's roads open in icy weather. Part of Compass Minerals, a worldwide leader in the production and distribution of inorganic minerals and a business with a long history in salt mining. Salt Union is based at the Winsford Rock Salt Mine, in Cheshire. The company produces salt year round, building stock levels through the spring, summer and autumn, for use by governments and local authorities during the winter months.

The company works in partnership with local authorities and private contractors across Britain, to find practical solutions for the local supply, safe storage and spreading of rock salt.

In addition to supplying rock salt, Salt Union has a number of other associated products and services that have been developed following many years of research and following close consultation with customers. 

You can find more about these in our Salt Products & Services section.